100 Note in Rosa

The music festival with more than one hundred events will start on June, 23rd and will involve wine bars and restaurants based in Verona, Lake Garda and surroundings

100 Note in Rosa is a music festival created and promoted by Consorzio di Tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino and Monte Veronese DPO cheese Consorzio involving wine bars and restaurants based in Verona, Lake Garda and surroundings to host young, new artists who will perform live concerts.

The third edition of the event includes a series of concerts starting from June, 23rd. During each live exhibition you will taste Aperitivo di Verona, made with Lake Garda’s rosè wine Chiaretto di Bardolino and paired with Monte Veronese cheese.

The festival will start with È gradito l’abito rosa, a night event to first know Chiaretto di Bardolino and to celebrate summer begin, scheduled for Thursday, June 23rd. Guests will enjoy the event with a rich buffet starting from 19.30, whereas a masterclass concerning great Chiaretto di Bardolino years compared to some French rosè wines is planned at 20 o’clock.

What’s more, this year 100 Note in Rosa is part of Mura Festival in Verona, where you can taste Chiaretto di Bardolino at Aperitivi musicali al Tramonto while enjoying live music.

100 Note in Rosa is scheduled until early autumn. Musicians interested in participating to the music festival can reach out to Verona DOC Servizi, artistic direction supporting wine bars and restaurants during the concerts together with Studioventisette. You will find detailed schedule and programmes on Chiaretto di Bardolino and Monte Veronese cheese social media accounts.