The event on Lake Garda’s rosè wine gets international and will host the Rosés de Terroirs Association’s winemakers and the AOC Tavel Consorzio

After the first two months of 2022, Chiaretto di Bardolino has increased by 26,7% on a yearly basis. Moreover, the thirteenth edition of Verona’s rosè wine event Corvina Manifesto – L’Anteprima del Chiaretto di Bardolino will start on Sunday, May 1st. The event is organized by Consorzio di tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino and hosted by Istituto Tusini in Bardolino, which trains young winery and vineyard workers. Participants will taste new on-sale years of rosè wine, made with Corvina grapes growing on Lake Garda eastern bank. Most of them will come from last year’s grape harvest, where the denomination “Bardolino Chiaretto” was replaced by the new “Chiaretto di Bardolino” for the first time after the approval of last year’s procedural guideline. In addition, some selected wines aged in winery during one or two years will be available. Also, press preview gets international this year. For the first time French rosè wines and Rosés de Terroirs winemakers, a recently-born association in France, will join the event. Besides Rosés de Terroir masterclasses, a wine tasting regarding AOC Tavel (a Rhone Valley denomination) will take place. The denomination was the first one in 1936 to consider only rosè wines in its procedural guideline. Participants can enjoy Côtes du Rhône rosè wines from Domaine de l’Odylée together with Odile Couvert, an independent winemaker.

“After a two-year lockdown – Franco Cristoforetti, President of Consorzio di tutela del Chiaretto di Bardolino says – we are excited to introduce our new wine year and host the Tavel Consorzio and Rosés de Terroirs winemakers in the new location Tusini Insitute, in Rocca di Bardolino, in our vineyards. Also, we truly appreciate the double-figures increase in Chiaretto di Bardolino, a new name turned out to be succesful”.

Corvina Manifesto – L’Anteprima del Chiaretto di Bardolino won’t be just an insight concerning rosè wines with more than thirty winemakers and one hundred wines to taste, but also a relaxing day for families with a play area for children and food (Monte Veronese DPO cheese Consorzio di tutela will also join the event). Hills are perfectly suitable for the event, with a wide arcade and the square facing the wonderful lake panorama.